Sell & automatically manage Reseller Interface domains!

We’re happy to introduce the third new domain registrar module integrated with HostBill this week: Reseller Interface!

Reseller Interface domain module

Reseller Interface is a German company specializing in domain management, with the experience of over 500,000 managed domains and being present on the domain market for over 15 years. Reseller Interface offers access to over 1,000 tlds optimized for companies, agencies, resellers and domainers. Now thanks to the new integration you can sell and automatically manage Reseller Interface domains through HostBill. The automation handles full domain management, from automatic registration, through transfer, renewal to deletion. It also enables automatic import of the domains from the registry into HostBill. Then you can sell the domains using various attractive and functional order pages and customize your products to fit your offerings, create packages, add sub-products and add-ons. Client panel gives end-customers opportunity to update name servers and contact details related to domains they have registered. Additionally, clients can also enable/disable registrar lock from client portal, preventing unauthorised domain transfers.


What else is new this week? A cosmetic change: the Extras->Statistics & Reports section available from top menu is now Data Insights. A few updates in modules have also been introduced. OVH domain module now allows for domains import from the registry. SpamExperts and Openstack provisioning modules both have an option that disables deleting users during service Termination. There is also a small change in Estimates, as a “Create simmilar” button for Estimate will no longer use the same invoice ID if it was issued from the Estimate before. For all updates please visit the Changelog!

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