New: UkrNames domain registrar

The highlight of every Monday – new HostBill version is released, this time with new domain registrar module, two new reports, new mobile notifications and a couple of other new functions!

UkrNames domain module

UkrNames is the official, ICANN accredited .ua domain registrar founded in 2007. Apart from domain registration services, the company offers site hosting and SSL certificate registration. HostBill integration enables to sell and automatically manage UkrNames domain names. As for the automation, it cover registration, transfers and renewals. End client functionalities include managing contacts and updating name servers. The module can be used as a lookup engine and use registry API for fast and accurate domain searches. As many other domain modules, UkrNames integration is free and available to all HostBill users!

New reports: Domain & Account Contracts

HostBill allows to generate various reports, either using pre-defined templates that can also be customized or optionally you can create your own report based on your individual needs. All reports are divided into categories/groups: Clients, Invoices, Orders, Staff, Support, Custom reports, Affiliates, Knowledgebase. This week we’ve added two new reports to the Orders category: Domain Contracts and Accounts Contracts. Each of these reports can be customized: you can choose columns to export in report, set parameters, create widget to be added to Admin dashboard, create auto-snapshot report data and more. For details, refer to the HostBill documentation.

New mobile notification

In HostBill, both staff members and customers can receive mobile notifications on certain events in HostBill, like new or escalated tickets, new orders, new/due invoice, expiring domain & more, using one of the mobile notification modules. In HostBill Admin panel -> Extras -> Notification settings you can configure which notifications to send to admins and clients respectively. New notification concerns overdue invoice.

Calendar – new scheduling options

HostBill Calendar is free team-centric automation and collaboration tool, shipped with each HostBill version, which is quite handy as it can help you to create events (public or private) to be reminded about, assign events to clients, accounts, domains, invoices, estimates, orders or tickets and to one or more staff members and more. New option allows to schedule events to repeat on specific day of the week every month.

Updates to the modules

Today’s release also comes with some updates to the modules. InternetX domain module has a new option to ignore free transfer prices and use registration price instead during price import. NameISP got a new ability to add Trustee when registering a domain. For WebNIC we’ve added support for domain price import. Read more in the Changelog!

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