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Update: OnApp 2.1 module changes/bugfixes

After last week release of firewall feature for OnApp 2.1 module for HostBill we’ve decided to improve it even more! Along with minor bugfixes we’ve added ability to define default firewall setting in clientarea as well as apply existing settings for virtual machine. Grab your update today!

OnApp 2.1 Gold module for HostBill


Important OnApp 2.1.Gold module updates for HostBill

I’m sure you all know that now Full-Featured modules for OnApp are available for Free, but its not enough surprises when it comes to OnApp today.

We’ve been working on some cool improvements (like firewall in clientarea) for OnApp 2.1 Integration, you can find full list of changes here:

If you’re using OnApp 2.1 Gold + HostBill 2.7 make sure to grab latest copy of module below!

OnApp 2.1 Gold module for HostBill

Note: OnApp 2.1 Gold module is also included in HostBill 2.7 package by default from now on!

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