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HostBill 4.1.6 Release

Another exciting week of development passed – we’re happy to announce that HostBill 4.1.4 has been released. Whats new?

New orderpage: Cloud Slider One-Step
Make your brand stand out in this highly competitive cloud / vps market with amazing order page – learn more

Plugin: OrderPages A/B Testing
HostBill offers vast selection of amazing, high quality orderpages – when it sometimes may be hard to decide which one to use, its best to use one that works well with your offering/site/business model. So lets your clients decide which one to use! With this simple yet very effective plugin you can utilize Google Analytics Experiments to perform A/B testing.
Learn more at:

Full changelog available at

HostBill 4.1.4 Release

As scheduled – week passed and new HostBill version is ready: 4.1.4 with multiple improvements and bug fixes is available for download.
Whats new:

Client signup captcha
Spambots now seem to attack even billing systems – there is no better way to prevent it than implementing captcha. By default new client signups require captcha confirmation (you can disable captcha field in Clients->Registration fields)

Client profile files
You can now upload files directly in client profile, so it can be accessible only by this client, or staff members visiting client profile.

Fixed invoice data
When using EU invoicing, you can prevent client details edits appearing on invoices by simply enabling one option in admin config. Learn more payment gateway
BitCoin digital currency gains popularity, start accepting payments in BitCoins now with BitPay payment gateway for HostBill. Learn more.

Full changelog available at

HostBill 4.1.0 Preview: Ticket Views

Just a couple of hours left before new HostBill version release – we’d like to take a time and show you amazing new feature of upcoming update.

HostBill ticketing system is recognized as easy to use, despite being packed with dozens of useful features. With new version we’re adding new one to admin ticketing interface – Ticket Views. Now every admin will be able to define his custom ticket listing, select auto-search & ticket filter criteria, columns and column order displayed in view.
Each admin can define his private views (displayed only for him), or public (displayed for all support staff members).

Use cases:

  • Using mobile phone and want to catch up with your tickets on train? Define mobile view to display only your tickets and ticket subjects/status (you don’t need anything else on small smartphone screen) – one click away and you can see only what you need.
  • Using ticket tags & search terms to sort special groups of tickets – define view and have them one click away from you
  • Certain search term repeats? When entering new filter details you can store it as view with one click

HostBill 4.0.6 Release

New HostBill version is available for download.

OpenStack module
Built in collaboration with StackOps, our OpenStack integration allows for multiple provisioning methods:
Virtual Datacenters – your customers will be able to create their own instances from your billing system interface
VPS Servers – one order = one instance automatically created by HostBill
Everything packed with well-known, fully-featured and powerful clientarea integration. Give your clients full control of their resources.

Learn more about OpenStack integration at

New Order Page: Pre-Made Sliders
Another high-quality orderpage in our collection!

Full changelog available at:

HostBill 4.0.2 Release

Time for another update from HostBill Team. Version 4.0.2 is now available for download.

Smarter Search
We’ve started from scratch and completely redesigned smart-search in HostBill adminarea – now search offers more accurate, highlighted results.

Cloudstack Advanced networking
Additional dev hours have been spent in CloudStack module, to make sure that Port Forwarding, Static NAT, IP Allocation/Management, Firewall is available straight from HostBill client interface

Full changelog available at:

HostBill 3.9.9 Release

We’re not slowing down! HostBill 3.9.9 has just been released.

Whats new?
Google Analytics + Ecommerce tracking module
HostBill has always been the core ingredient in from 0 to working hosting company in under 1hour – now its even faster. Using our Google Analytics module you don’t need to worry about file edits, smarty syntax etc to place your tracking code – just enable Google Analytics plugin.
Learn more at

BCrypt for Admin & Client passwords
HostBill now creates password using BCrypt. For non-geek readers: BCrypt is hashing algorithm based on Blowfish. How’s that different from older (considered as broken) hashing mechanisms? BCrypt keeps up with Moore Law which in short words mean that even in future with faster machines it will take roughly same amount of time (in years) to crack single password.
Q: Would my/client old password work?
A: Sure, once you will login after upgrade HostBill will automatically rehash your password with new method.

Full changelog available at:

HostBill 3.9.4 Release

Its been a busy week, so time for another great HostBill update! Whats new in HostBill 3.9.4?

freeRadius module for HostBill
3.9.4 comes with integrated freeRADIUS module – based on MySQL backend. Thinking of adding VPN hosting to your offer? RADIUS server offers countless integration options, now you can automate this part of your business with HostBill!
Learn more at:

ManualSSL module
You like our great SSL Orderpages, but your SSL reseller do not provide module for HostBill? Not a problem, now you can receive emails for certificates that requires manual setup.
Learn more at:

Free OpenSRS reseller accounts for HostBill customers!
Thanks to our partnership with OpenSRS, HostBill Owned license users are entitled to apply for low cost OpenSRS reseller account.
With no setup fees and domain pricing as low as $9.53 for .com its a great opportunity to jump into domain/ssl market – with all tools already included in HostBill:
OpenSRS Domain registration module
OpenSRS SSL Module
To register for your reseller account visit Partners section in our clientarea (after logging in).

Full changelog available at:

HostBill 3.9.0 Release

HostBill 3.9.0 has just been released – make sure to check what’s new:

Updated SolusVM module
An All-In-One powerful integration, allowing you to sell your SolusVM resources as :
– single VPS machines
– virtual datacenters – give resources to client and let him create VM’s on his own
– reseller accounts
– DIY flexible packages – where your client choose what resources he will need during signup
Learn more at

New Clientarea Theme variation
We’ve updated our already perfect client section with number of tweaks and improvements – to make it even better!
Learn more at

New Order Page: 4comparison boxes – OneStep
Another beautiful order page template to our rich collection – view all available orderpages

ByteCP Provisioning module
Developed by our company ByteCP hosting control panel is getting better each day Now you can automatically provision hosting accounts from HostBill with ByteCP.
Learn more at

HostBill Auto-Upgrade & Auto-Patch
Now you will be able to upgrade your HostBill billing system with one mouse click – no downloads, extracts etc.
Learn more at

Full changelog available at: