DemoWolf offers free video tutorials for your HostBill knowledge base

Knowledge base is a great client self-support tool. Providing your customers with a library full of helpful articles, how-to tutorials, API documentation etc can significantly reduce your time and money spent on support. It’s just the matter of getting your clients to reach out to your knowledge base. How? Make it accessible, attractive and understandable. And, as people respond to video more than text, it’s a good idea to include some handy video tutorials. Now, thanks to DemoWolf, you can integrate their read-made cPanel, Plesk and other video tutorials with HostBill and make them available to your clients from within your HostBill knowledge base.

Free video tutorials for every HostBill customer

DemoWolf and HostBill have teamed up to bring free DemoWolf video tutorials for hosting industry to every HostBill customer. The extensive library of video tutorials offered by DemoWolf can help your customers with mundane tasks without the need to contact your support department! The videos  cover hosting related topics, such as how to set up email accounts and forwarders in cPanel or Plesk, how to update nameserver settings at or GoDaddy, how to use Filezilla or File Manager to upload files to their account and many other cPanel, Plesk, WordPress, Email, Domains, FTP related and much more.

How to start

First of all you can take a look at the videos library, explore the range of topics covered and check how your customers can benefit from the videos. Choose a plan that best suits your needs – you can start with a free plan, that gives you access to dozens of videos for free, and if needed, upgrade to a paid plan later. One signed up you get the access to DemoWolf Members Area, which includes all integration files and detailed step-by-step instructions for getting the video tutorials into your HostBill knowledge base, where they’ll be completely searchable alongside any other knowledge base articles you might have.

Video features

DemoWolf uses Amazon’s global content distribution network to ensure the best video playback possible, everywhere in the world. All videos are streamed to your site and not hosted by your server – so you don’t have to worry about the bandwidth usage. Thanks to the HD quality and responsiveness they look and sound amazing on every size screen. What’s more the quality is automated – videos will play at the highest available quality to the device and connection being used by your viewers. And if you need a video on the go, that not a problem – DemoWolf videos support HTML5, as well as every modern device and browser.

Get 15% off all paid plans

DemoWolf now offers all HostBill customers 15% off all paid plans, and an additional free series of video tutorials for their knowledge base. To get the discount use promo code HOSTBILL when signing up.

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